The Police Sketch Artist
The Police Sketch Artist

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The police had found out a theif but, their comes a twist too in this case! Do read this story with a cool and spicy twist ahead..

The Police Sketch Artist


Crime and theft was growing a lot in this small village of Kolpar. Installation of a few or more chowkidars didn't make out any noticeable change in the rate of thefts. Finally, a police station was established on the basis of a few minute funds by the government. It resulted out in a lot more relief to the villagers, but, yet not completely.

The police sketch artist, Gopal Singh, is considered one of the heroes of this small village. Well, it could be the inspector too... But not so. The artist has given this village a new way to solving out crime: he drew the figures very neatly and their copies would be stamped on most of the walls and pillars resulting out in arrest of the accused!

And so, he had a project to work over, after a long time.

The witness was a man of not more than 30, with an innocent civil face and good attire. He entered the station in a rush and moved on to the sub-inspector quickly.

After an hour, his case was understood. A young man, very much like a student had put a knife on his throat and ran away taking a good amount. Fortunately, the boy once had removed his mask, and so his face was visible to Shyam (the witness) for a few minutes.

Then, he was further directed to the painter. This was the term used by them to denote to the police sketch artist. Though it wasn't right enough. So, the ‘painter’ attended him with a new buoyant smile on his face. He finally got a project again.

‘Yes, yes come in fellow. Be seated, what can I do for you?’ He sat down on the chair next to the artist. Still, no satisfaction was in his soul.

With the artist ready with his set of pencils and focus, the task began. Shyam, irrespective of the blurred memory of the crime scene, tried to recall it again and began describing the face and description of the thief:

He was of the same height as me, or maybe taller by an inch. His complexion was brighter as compared to the ordinary people of this village. And his voice, I remember he was talking to someone on the phone. His tone was matured, as it is in today's students and youngsters.

The colour of his eyes was black, extreme. His nose, just as yours. He had very few hairs on his head, probably he had got it shaved recently. And, a black coloured tikka on his forehead.

He stopped here by the signal of the Gopal, and waited ahead. Gopal took some time to draw the Sketch.

After the drawing was complete, it was shared with the sub-inspector and the witness too. None of them could recall anything from it. It was printed and pasted on many walls around, the police began its work too.

Further, when the artist was about to leave, while having the bag in his hand, he enquired about the case from a constable. ‘What happened about that sketch?’

‘We made merry! The boy was caught and is enquired in the panchayat hall. His name is Ravi Singh I guess.’ he replied. Gopal's heart skipped a beat

Ravi? It was his son's name. He immediately picked up the sketch and starred it. Properly. And now, he could refer to it very correctly.

Yes, it was his son who had gone out for his coaching early morning. ‘Congratulations Gopal! You made it again!’ the fellow applauded. But Gopal was not in a stage to be happy anymore... The success this time was of no use.

By Ayush Aryan Thanks a lot!! Please like and Do follow me for more ..

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