Under The Moonlight
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They met Under The Moonlight...

Under The Moonlight

As light shone upon, illuminating the tall figure, my eyes slightly widened.

He was ethereal, hair shone under the faint light. He looked like a fairy.

Unconsciously, I took small steps in his direction, careful not to disturb the trance-like state he was in.

He turned towards me slowly and I stopped in my track. Snow began to fall as flakes and touched his hair.

"Hello. You look lost. Do you need any help." I call out. He seems harmless with an innocent look upon his face.

I reach out my hand to touch his arm cautiously. He looked at me with a small smile. My heart skipped a beat.

Sound of something breaking, like a glass, but very faint is heard.

"Why" he says, his mouth letting out puff of smoke. His blonde hair falling in waves over his forehead.

Suddenly the arm starts disappearing, like the fog surrounding us. Soon the entire body starts turning into mist.

"Its my time to leave." he says. "Wait" I cry out

"We met under the Moonlight and we shall meet under the same Moonlight soon.Please wait" he says.

Before my mind could formulate what was happening, he was gone and all that remained was the whisper of his words in the cold breeze and a promise from the rays of the Moonlight.

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