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A 15 minute concert that changed his life. The story is about a diligent singer who lost his voice in 15 min concert.

By: Anshika singh

15 min concert

by Anshika singh

Ayush mishra sounds like a ordinary name but he was born with a magical voice. Someone could barely take his ears off his singing. A BORN SINGER....

Unfortunately being bought up in the family of Doctors and Engineers, opting for a career like singing was a tough call for him. After graduating from the universities like DU he remained firmed about make living out of his passion : SINGING.

For learning singing Ayush made his mind to go for best singing school in Mumbai. As the family was against his dream of becoming a singer they put a stop on any financial transaction by him. In such vulnerable situation he asked his friend Rishab to lend him some money for ticket to mumbai.

Mumbai city of dreams come true for many. Ayush had many hopes from this city. After putting an arriving in mumbai, ayush started doing many Part time jobs for paying tuition fees. He started singing at local clubs and cafes. During his part time singing shows, people used to start filming him to memorize his magical singing.

After 6 months, life became tough for ayush. Morning classes then singing at clubs from evening to night. In such a chaos he made a new friend at club Aryan. They used to hangout after their work used to talk about girls, sex, drugs in all teenage stuffs. Aryan was a habitual consumer of drugs.

Seeing his friend pissed off because of his situation he emphasised him for taking a small amount soo that it will become easy for him to indulge in the situation. That was his first time..yes..ayush's first time getting high. The feeling he got after consuming drug into his veins was on the top of the world feel.

Soon after he..indulged himself in drugs. His career was not on the track too. He felt he was failing when one day he received a call from THE MUSIC DIRECTOR: Shekhar Kapoor. He was called for a meeting and he was astonished. Without wasting a Min he left for the meeting.

After getting their he was surprised by why the office people were starring at him. He went to the meeting. The music director called ayush in by saying "come in my viral superstar". Then he knew why he got call from him because he got viral. The music director after taking a audition signed him for his album.

In his part time jobs, His voice used made clubs shine bright. People would line up for his show. He became a Club singer and money earning product for the owners. His career took a flight after soo long but the bad habit of taking drugs was a never ending process for him.

It was during..his album release he got a live concert opportunity in Pune. Ayush was a introvert person. Making a crowd getting involved in your songs was not his way. He was super nervous when aryan offered him to take just a shot of drug to release all the tension.

Ayush took that shot and felt really good. He got that confident and went on stage. He started singing and made a good connection with the crowd. His team was happy that the show is getting really good and they will make a profit. When this happened

The last 15 min of concert was left when the most unpredictable thing happened. AYUSH went near the crowd opened his pants zip and he pee on his crowd. The most embarrassing and disgusting thing ever. The crowd got angry and threw things on him. These 15 min of fame made him hero to zero.

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