A poem about my school
A poem about my school i stories

_anonymoususer_ I hate my dad
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I exposed my school in a poem. Lmao I wonder what will be their reaction if they saw this poem.

A poem about my school

School was never cool

It was always cruel

Everything they told us was never true

We get homework that made us look like fools

Giving us tasks

While we wore a mask

Not allowing us to chat

When we'll be in the zoom chat

All you ever wanted was the money

And didn't care, but you just forced us to study

Our parents are being manipulated

Because of you on a daily basis

They'd force us to study, do zoom and complete tasks

We wear our own jackets

And instead force us to wear yours

Kept telling me about spag(spelling, punctuation, and, grammar) ever since I came

I always thought it was spam, I also thought it was pretty lame

You had favorites

While I became desperate

Cause I kept losing on and on

Hopefully you die to a crayon

You are one of the reasons your students are depressed

Its cause most of us were stressed

You have a no bullying campaign

When your students still cry in pain

You rejected my younger brother

Just cause he didnt know how to answer

What type of school are you ?

Probably the one who overdo's

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