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"She just can't help herself"
"He knew she will be his undoing"
Read the hilarious and romantic adventure of Natalia and Luke
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The Bad Girl's Nerd

Chapter 1:- "I do have a strap-on in my bag"

"Julian for fucks sake, would you stop pacing around. You are starting to give me a headache man." I start massaging my temples.

"You dont understand Lenny. What am I gonna do when he comes over and looks me in my eyes. Hes gonna know I am in love with him" Julian says throwing his hands around.

People are actually starting to stare at us because of the drama we are causing. No wait, because of the drama HE is causing. I pull my cap lower to cover my face.

"Chillax dickhead" Julian stops walking and puts his hand on his hips and gives me a glare. My lips twitch as I look at him. I cant laugh out loud because the dude is in obvious misery.

But in my head I am still imagining him in this pose along with pink frock and pigtails. Daaammnn, I'm such a bad friend.

I roll my eyes and say "look this eye thingy and love shinning in eyes bullshit only exists in novels and books. Do you seriously believe such nonsense. "

This time he rolls his eyes, "you are a cavewoman when it comes to emotions. You dont know shit about feelings, trust me.

Do you have any idea how hot it is to have eye-contact while banging someone. Eyes are like a mirror... "

"Woah stop stop" I interrupted "I mean seriously you were sprouting some serious crap right now. First of, why would you even look at someones face during sex.

Its just straightaway creepy plus why even look up when all the good stuff is down" I smirk.

Julian brusts out laughing. "Oh God Lenny, what would I do with you" he says wiping his eyes.

"I have some really good ideas which involves much less clothing. Wanna give it a try?" I ask giving him puppy-eyes.

We are currently sitting in a cafe waiting for Julians boyfriend with whom he is so in love with.

Julian punches my arm and takes a seat in front of me. "Seriously girl, help me. What do I do. Should I tell him?"

I sigh, "look don't say anything right now. Just drop VERY subtle hints and see if he is ready for anything serious."

Julian is listening to me intently. Poor lad is sweating.

"Julie dear stop being so scared. You have nothing to worry about. If anything bad happens remember I am your permanent hoe" I wink.

I get the smile I was hoping for. "Thank you. I needed that." He takes a sip from his coffee.

The doors open and the biggest douchebag walks in aka Julians boyfriend, George. I never liked this guy. He doesnt look genuine at all and of course this moron had to go ahead and fall for him.

I get up "looks like your dick-sucker is here. I'll be going."

Julian stops me and says "I'll be coming over tonight. George has some work tonight."

"Does his brothel company make him work extra hours" I say. This guy really is a nut-brain. He's been looking around and still didn't spot us.

"Shhh... Don't say that. He'll hear you and then I wont be getting any sex today."

"I keep telling you, you dont need this tool for that. I can always help you. I do have a strap-on in my bag."

Julian throws his head back and laughs. This unfortunately gets the douchebags attention and he starts walking towards us.

"Look as much as I love being a third-wheel Im gonna go. See ya later." Julian nods at me still trying to hold back laughter.

"Hey" Uhhh, even his voice irritates me. I turn and give the douchebag a clipped smile and he nods at me. I am feeling the hatred is mutual. But fuck I don't care. I am only polite because of Julian.

Julian gets up and kisses him square on mouth. I hurriedly get out before they start a full blown make out session.

I am walking outside the door and I bump into somebody spilling the drink on the person.

"Shit, I'm sorry I didn't see you."

The person looks up with an irritated look probably about to give me a piece of their mind but as soon as he sees me he stops. Instead he smirks "its ok.

Its my fault that I got distracted by a hot piece of meat in my way."

I control the urge to roll my eyes as his pathetic attempt to flirt but I have to admit. This guy is very hot.

He's wearing a dark blue tshirt which is showing his bulging biceps along with black jeans and sneakers. I look up to see him checking me out with a hungry expression like mine.

I flirtatiously smile and say in a low voice "why don't you come with me to the bathroom in the back. Ill help you clean up nicely."

The guy swallows hard and give a nod probably taken aback by my not-so-subtle open invitation. I take hold of his hand and walk quickly to my desired destination.

I catch Julians eye and he smirks at me giving me a nod of approval. I bite back a smile.

Looks like Julian isn't the only one getting some action today.

........... This is the first chapter just for a little sneak peak at the characters.

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