Oc- Full Credit to Oc_studio
Oc- Full Credit to Oc_studio oc stories

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Oc- Full Credit to Oc_studio

Name:Grayson Dalton Halifax Age (15-19):19 Gender:Male Sexuality:Omnisexual Strengths: Being a Marksmen, archery, and almost hand to hand combat, but he's better at weapon to weapon combats. Weaknesses:Falling inlove, being annoyed, and people not letting him concentrate, other then that he's a perfect freak.

Appearance:Black Hair, Its pretty long and he can tie it into a ponytail, he has long bangs, black eyes, dark skin tone, he is very musculare(Six packXD) His height is about 6'4', His body is in perfect shape. His Fashion is , Vintage fashion style for boys. He wears earrings, two cross earrings,one black bull peircing. He is like a bit of

Personality: He can be very talkative but is mostly quiet, He is very toxic, rude, and plain cold. Bitter, very brutal, sometimes caring.

Backstory (include why you want to join the gang, family, etc.): His parents are both mass murderers, he's grown up, training, fighting for survival because his parents threatend to kill him if he wasn't perfect. He wants to be in the gang because he feels like he is good enough, and to show his parents he wasn't as weak as they think.African American and French.

Extra:He is always training and playing with a blade throwing it up and down alone.


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