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Ok.. So today I'm gonna describe a greatest evil for You and me..

Your Greatest Evil...

Ok.. So today I'm gonna describe a greatest evil for me. Its important for me to describe it here, as without defeating it I cant move forward in life. If I had won this evil few months back, I would be in Heaven, Seriously No kidding... Anyways, problems in our life make us stronger. Isn't it? Something that change my life a unimaginable ways, Something to which I always lose, Something that that I always want to get rid of but cant,

Because of which I screwed up in most my most important exam,

Because of which my beautiful green life converted into desert,

Today I would have been celebrating my success,

Telling myself that I determined and did it,

But this monster pulled up.

Simply that one thing that turned my life up and down.....

So, I encountered this evil couple of years ago,

Somewhere in second half of 2018.

In the beginning, It was Ok.

When it was in my Control, But as the time passed,

It possessed me and then I am in his control.

That was a phase when I started preparation for my medical entrance,

The time when I needed to be most focused and concentrated.

I was away from my home, with new friends which were not so serious about studies,

So they synchronized with that Evil and started devouring me.

Its was now, after 2 year of his control over me,

When everything is screwed and ended up,

I realized that I was in its control,

and how slowly he made me hollow from inside.

It made me do things which I never wanted to do,

and stopped me from doing the things which I always wanted to do.

FUCK...I still cant believe something like that,

would make a such huge impact on my life....

It not like I am alone who encountered this evil,

In fact, Everyone in this world including all men who perished,

and those who will born will face it in direct or indirect ways.

But most of the people has control over it,

In other words, they control it,

Unlike in my case where it controls me....

Now say it my lack of mediation, concentration,

focus, motivation or anything.

But one thing for sure that,

It has conquered me...

Many times in past I had tried to get over it,

But either my actions or determination was too weak to

beat such a monster.

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