In Darkness There Is Light
In Darkness There Is Light crime stories

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Life can be cruel sometimes, but there is always light if you look hard enough. :)

In Darkness There Is Light

One bed, One table, and one window, that’s all I had inside the room.

Many years, Many tears, and many fears, that’s all I remember inside the room.

Many visits - to one letter - to none at all.

I stared at the ceiling. It was morning, It was afternoon and it was night. The world never stopped turning, though mine... had stopped.

The people I knew forgot about me. The wife I loved left me. The daughter I had, never knew me. The life I lived was lost. The person I am now, merely a GHOST.

My freedom was taken, but then it was given - returned too late. Still, there’s one thing left to do...Gun pressed on the head of the man who ruined my life, I pulled the trigger.

In the portrait, I saw his ruined face with his smiling daughter.

My last words echoed as I walked out of the door. “Remember, you are alive because of her.”

My freedom was taken, convicted though innocent. But the past is behind me and revenge is futile, For there is still light as I watched a little girl from a distance.

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