Wherever It Might Take Her.

Wherever It Might Take Her. adventure stories

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I feel like everyone longs for a fresh start once in a while. The yearning is particularly strong right now so I wrote this.

Wherever It Might Take Her.

With legs pumping and heart racing, she took her bike over the country roads. There was a little house about a mile away that she loved to visit.

The cows in the pasture would always wander over to say hello when they spotted her.

Walking gingerly in her bare feet over the rocky road, she would lean her bike against the fence and speak to them. Today they were slow to greet her and she chastised them playfully.

She plucked a dandelion from the overgrown grass and twirled it between her fingers. In many ways it was an ordinary day. But in one very big way, it was not. She was leaving town.

It was about 20 miles to the nearest town where she could catch a bus. She had a backpack, a baseball cap, and any spare change or cash she had found lying around the house.

To the gossiping town the following day, her leaving would come as a shock. It was even a little surprising to herself. Yet she knew that really it was a long time coming.

The small town life was perfect for her...until it wasn't. She didn't know where she was going. She didn't know how she was going to make it.

But tucking a wild hair back under her cap, she resolutely mounted her bike, and decided to follow adventure. Wherever it might take her.

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