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In which lizards somehow make me super homesick...


In one country...

Geckos. Everywhere. You can try to name them but you'll never remember which one is which. Trust me.

Once there was an iguana sitting on the clothesline. I think it just wanted to hang out, but it made my mom scream.

On a different continent in a different country...

The occasional chameleon.

Some of the kids throw rocks at them and their happy green color slowly changes to black.

My favorite lizards are the ones that are bumpy and brown. They blend into the tree trunks and take you by surprise.

They are sitting silently and still, waiting for the unsuspecting insect to venture nearby.

Yet another continent, yet another country...

I never see any lizards. I'm sure they're out there. But here I live in a suburban house in a suburban neighbourhood with a small suburban yard.

I miss my lizards.

I miss my old homes.

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