Another Blade
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I hope the pen really is mightier than the sword.

Another Blade

I am stretched so thin, am I even real?

Why can't I disappear?

Push it in deep and pull it away fast.

Over and over.

I need the pain. I need the release.

The sweet trickle of blood.

Every scar a reflection of the pain inside my heart.

Of the darkness.

Freak. Monster.

I carved the words on my body.

They screamed so loudly in my brain, I had to get them out.

Now I've taken up another blade.

Can the pen truly be mightier than the sword?

Truth. Vulnerability.

That's what I want my pen to show.

I am not yet brave enough to show the world the marks a blade have made.

But here on paper I can let all my scars show.

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