What happened to us ?

92DAYSAspiring writer
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What happened to us ?

by day92

What happened to us ?

What happened to us ? We were so in love we held each other through the night my first real love what happened to us ?

I sit and think what happened to us as I run to the phone my head bleeding my hearthurting my soul buried my mind frantic what happened to us ? You ask love happened to us love happens to us all

What happened to us ? I sit there and watch you waste my life drain my body hurt my soul you beat me like a slave in plantation heat I can't feel my feet as I run for my life in defeat trying to


I weep I think where we went wrong as I'm slapped across my face my heart race If I tell anyone I'll be the disgrace where did we go wrong heart racing like a beat in a hip hop song

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glennhenleyCommunity member
5 months ago
A poem on emotions.

92DAYSAspiring writer
5 months agoReply
@pluzoo Thanks a lot ..

5 months agoReply
i love the rhyme scheme. great poem