I met you in November.
I met you in November.
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80sgal I really love music and stories, sue me!
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Letter to my good ol buddy and also my crush 😂

I met you in November.

And boy did you catch my eye!

And you know what, I’m picky when it comes to truly connecting with someone.

But somehow, someway I connect with you, like I never have before.

We like the same music ❤️ And both love to sing.

We both love them movies, but who wouldn’t? 😂

We even have nick names for each other. Batman & Spider-girl. Weird I know 😂

But you actually get me, and make me laugh!

And although we live far away that gives us a chance to learn about each other’s worlds. 🌎

If you ever see this then I’d just want to let you know that you mean a lot to me and that you make my heart glow.⭐️

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