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Eye contact love at first sight ....dreaming about girls eyeshadow... I

Eye connection

By.... .......72stars...

Walking alone , cyan eyes Looking like a cyanide

Brie smile, bright spark Hairs flying like kite

Sleight of hand in attractive Sharp instinct combative

Muzzy clothes..ahh dark smoke Beneath its drift of dust stroke

I dreamt of being her eyeshadow To not have my sorrow

Want to be close as heart to heart beat So It would to feel conceit

Magical mystery tour of your eyes Cleared all of my cries

Ahh! Rays reflected, from cyan eyes Stroke my heart for love fly

Drowned breath lift me up To hookup the first honey cup

Dream broke, and i had a fall Down came my reality and all

It was a dream that stopped She gazed like rain drop on me she dropped

Eyes met eyes , day turns night Holding hands , kissing eye to eye

She came close and pretend to Heared everything Like my dream she watched

Eyes sitting time is frozen Fire of love in air is frozen

Then softly we kissed and hold together We just smile and make eye contact together

...thnx for reading...

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