Passage to Nirvana
Passage to Nirvana

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Passing on to heaven. The love of a life well spent and what is to come. Saturday morning will post Gloria's Eyes and Forbade the fruits of the Concubine.

Passage to Nirvana

What a peaceful day to have sunshine on the morning dew What a glorious sky to see birds high and kites take flight

This I will always see laying in tall grass Confusion takes authority as the clouds above roll by

Interest for me is most important, this will be the last I speak Fading away, rising above, then a flash of life unseen

A beautiful women in long white dress standing by my side A medical room, the creation of life, children soon arrive

Mother, father, brothers and sisters, the scenes they move so fast Laugh, love, happiness, sadness, then suddenly stops, at last

My soul begins to rise again like the birds high and the kites in flight

For the end extends beyond a heavenly high Oh what a peaceful day to die

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