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6_reindeer_9 i sometimes write my feelings out
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A quick poem that I wrote when feelings were at i'ts peak. It's about a desperate cry for help through words.


The darkness blurs my vision

Where the only thing that i could see is pain and sorrow

I feel like death is going to embrace me so soon

And can't do anything about it as I'm trapped in a cocoon of shadows

I cry and beg for mercy

And forgiveness for what i have and haven't done

I tried and tried to fight for victory

But the world seems to be upside down

Though some people want to lend a hand

But I'm afraid I'll just get another snake in the sand

I've had enough of that already

Oh how they are still fresh, my memories

Right now I just want this endless thinking to stop

I just want the pain to cease

I want my memories cleaned by a dirty mop

So I can finally rest in peace

I crave for sweet release

And hope the gods of hell will hear my pleas

To my real friends, I'm sorry for being a disappointment

For being a failure is my only commitment

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