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- A Jimin Oneshot -


- A Jimin Oneshot -

"Babygirl!" I gasp at the name and voice, turning around and widening my eyes. He had been gone for two years, abroad for studying, and we had promised not to forget each other.

We had somehow managed a relationship with the different in time zones, be it him staying up late to talk to me, or me doing so.

But, nonetheless, the soft and sweet tone of his voice erupts and I tear up. Without realizing, I'm running towards him and leaping into his arms. God, the feeling. He was so warm and so gentle.

So beautiful. I nuzzle against his chest and cry, happily. He caresses the back of my head and places many kisses, and once I stand straight he kisses me without hesitation.

His soft, plump lips move like angel's against mine. God, how much I missed this. The taste of his cherry chapstick is relieving, making me feel so loved and missed.

I pull him as close as possible, which isn't very much closer than we already were. My tears slowly stop falling and I pull away to quickly wipe my eyes. How lucky I am that I decided not to wear makeup today.

He lets out a shaky breath and slowly runs his fingers through my hair. I can tell he missed this as much as I did. "Baby," he says, squeezing my hips as he did when we were together the first month, "We've gotta go! There's so much to do."

I gasp and nod, hugging him tight and then pulling away to intertwine our pinkies, guiding him to my car I had just finished paying off. It was a cheap rental, but it had gotten me through so much.

Jimin follows, looking around the beauty of Busan. There was a slight mist, enough to make you a bit chilly, and people were wearing hoodies. So was Jimin. As a matter of fact, he was wearing a black hoodie, torn light blue jeans, and pure black converse.

He had dyed his hair pink this time, and it matched his face perfectly. He was so soft looking, yet so handsome. How lucky could I be that he would pick me? "Now's not the time for those thoughts," I whisper to myself, causing a soft chuckle escape from Jimin's lips .

"You're so damn beautiful, you know," he ruffles my hair and I scrunch up my nose. He only laughs again. "And adorable. My adorable girl."

I'm slowly flustered, biting my lip and then letting go of his hand to jog to the driver's seat. "Look! Old trusty!" I smile widely and he gasps. "She's still kickin!" He laughs and I end up doing so as well, but slowly fade as I look at his imperfectly perfect crooked teeth, that little scar on his eye, and his beautiful smile.

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