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Ana finds herself on the wrong side of the law, when she develops a quirk in an artificially quirkless world.
(All characters are aged up. This scenario takes place in 2030)

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Population, where people are granted with different powers, will sooner or later face a problem of inequality. It will happen if the powerful become violent, or if the powerless feel threatened, either of those scenarios will cause instability, which will eventually transform the society for better or for worse.

That happened to the world, where quirks had become a regularity. Just 10 years ago this world were ruled by the hero society, where many individuals had godlike powers. They used their abilities to save the lives of those in need, and this system was operation for more than eight decades.

However, even heroes are just humans, and humans tend to be flawed. The history witnessed it, when few of those strong heroes turned selfish and greedy. They used the power, given to them, to oppress that part of society, which was quirkless or too weak to stand up for itself, and it escalated quickly, as the population of the world was thrown into a conflict, which is now known as The War of Gods.

In times like these radical ideas are born, which come form the people with powerful ideologies and capable minds. One of those people was our next ruler Kai Chisaki. His agenda was simple- in order to rid the world form anarchy, he asked its population to give up their quirks.

The opposition was tough, but Mr. Chisaki himself was powerful and determined, and he greeted it with similar resistance. It took him two years to establish the new system, which was built with blood, force and intellectual wisdom.

In this society only chosen few could keep their power, while the rest of the population was forced to give up onto their quirks shortly after the children developed their abilities.

It brought relatively peaceful times, but it also created a space for martyrs and vigilantes. This group consisted of those individuals, who escaped the large forced paralysis of quirks, which took place in 2022. They were now viewed as enemy and they were facing tough persecution, which was still ongoing.

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