chapter 8(god this is hard)
chapter 8(god this is hard) yaoi stories

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"Wow. Are you really that horny?" "What can I say?" He laughs. "I have a thing for redheads."

chapter 8(god this is hard)

"Wow. Are you really that horny?"

"What can I say?" He laughs. "I have a thing for redheads."

I roll my eyes at that, not entirely sure why it makes me smile... That's a lie. It's because I'm horny. Very. Deeply. Horny.

"I tell you what," I allow. "Why don't you give me your number, and if I feel like remembering you in the morning, maybe I'll give you a call."

David chuckles.

"Guess I better hope I'm worth remembering."

"Damn straight." I lean in, standing on my tiptoes to give the guy a kiss. "Do you mind if I use your shower? I'll be quick, I promise."

"Sure thing." He grins. "Mind if I jump in with you?"

"... There's no way that won't turn into sex."

His smile grows a fraction wider.

"I know, right?" His hand once more reaches between my legs. "Come on. You know you wanna try it."

I open my mouth to refute him, but then he does something with his palm, and I let out a quiet groan.

"... You make a really solid point."

"Okay," I mutter to myself as I climb a roof access ladder, nearly half an hour later. "Shower sex is way more awkward than it looks. Good to know."

I reach the top, and check my watch. Almost time for the mission. Barely made it.

I pull my hoodie off, and stash it underneath an air vent running from one of the industrial sized heating units dotted across the rooftop. I shiver.

It's even colder out here than it was in the apartment. No time to let that bother me now. I strip off my jeans. Then my shoes. Then my socks.

I have a moment of embarrassment when I realize that my briefs are back at David's place. Each item joins my hoodie in the space below the air duct. I don't bother to fold them.

Eventually, the watch is the only item left on me. I push the button on the side.

It isn't that nudity is essential to engage the transformation; but it helps. Allowing my soul to filter through the mechanism is complex enough on its own, let alone with clothes in the way.

When it comes down to it, I'm too nervous about tonight to manage that right now.

I close my eyes,

and try to ignore the memory of the Sailor Moon theme playing in my head as the wave-suit begins to emerge; the feeling of the cold against my skin slowly fading away to nothing.

I open my eyes, expectant. What I find is deeply disappointing.

The suit is deep gray, but for a line of cobalt blue running down the sides, the material clinging to my form like a second skin. For a moment, I am appalled.

This wave-suit doesn't hide a thing. My stomach, my stature, even my navel on display.

I curse. Loudly.

The only bright spot I can find is that the costume at least has the decency to cover up my crotch. It is not much of a silver lining.

It comes as something of a surprise when I hear the phone ring. I didn't bring my phone out with me tonight.

I spend half a second searching pointlessly around the rooftop, before noticing a vibration at my hip. I look down.

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