chapter 4
chapter 4 yaoi stories

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Levi kissed my neck as I moaned a little, him kissing all the way down my chest down to my stomach, then reached for the buttons on my pants. "L-Levi...." I gasped as he unfastened my pants. He slowly pulled my underwear to see my half hard dick, "Haa....c-careful..." Levi looked at me.

chapter 4

Levi kissed my neck as I moaned a little, him kissing all the way down my chest down to my stomach, then reached for the buttons on my pants.

"L-Levi...." I gasped as he unfastened my pants. He slowly pulled my underwear to see my half hard dick, "Haa....c-careful..." Levi looked at me.

"Eren....I promise I'll be gentle unless you say otherwise...I swear," he said as he gently grasped my dick in his hand.


"You're only getting hard by me touching you?" He chuckled a little, "Well, I guess you're gonna have one hell of a time then, haha."


Levi then slowly jerked my dick up and down, coming up towards me to kiss me. My legs were trembling, desperate for more.

"Lev- Mmph..." I responded, but only to be answered with his soft luscious tongue moving and rubbing against my own, kissing me deeply as he jerked me a little faster.


"Shhh....." Levi hushed me.

"I....I c-cant..." I glared at him a little. He snickered.

"It's funny how you get mad so easily...." Just then he moved his head down toward my dick. He then....placed the tip of it to his lips.

"Haa...mmm...L-Levi, you don't h-have to...ahh..." He put the top slowly into his mouth and I gripped the sheets. It felt so wet...

I didn't know what to think but to take in all of the pleasure. He then started to lick the tip and rub his tongue on it. I was shaking with desire.

He started to take all of it down his throat and I couldn't hold back the moans anymore....I couldn't really tell how they sounded, but I know whenever I twitched, Levi got aroused.

He deep-throat me again and again, his tongue brushing on me. I knew that my pre-cum was sliding down the back of his throat and he loved it. He kept swallowing everything that came out.

The face he made made me so horny, I couldn't help but gently grab his head to push deeper down his throat. He was a little surprised, but kept at it.

He grabbed my hips with something fierce and went as deep as he could go with his throat.

"A-ahh!....Levi- ah..!" I moaned out. He hummed in response which only made me aroused even more. I took my hands off his head as he just kept at it. I leaned my head back in pleasure.

After he deep-throat once more, he took it out of his mouth and came up to lean over me.

"You okay?" Levi asked, looking at me.

I looked in his eyes. They glistened in the moonlight shining in the window. They were full of concern. I put my hand on the side of his face and kissed him lightly on his wet lips.

"I'm okay, I promise..." I whispered, "But I have to return the favor..."

"Eren, this night is for you and you only."

"I don't want it to be just about me.....I want you to feel included as well...."

I gently grab his arm as we exchanged places. I don't know if I'm gonna be as good as him, I thought, but I have to at least try. I looked down to see Levi's huge bulge.

Or if I was the same size as him...

I unfasten his pants slowly as his dick slides out. He made a noise that told me he was aroused.

"Woah..." I said, staring, "I'm....I'm speechless..."

"Brat don't stare at it...." Levi blushed, "It's embarrassing..."

"It's my first time so....sorry if I'm not that good..." I said, looking up at him, "I swear I'll get better if I fail."

"Eren...." Levi said, "You're perfect. You could never fail when you're with me. Whatsoever. Never ever think that."

I look at his glistening eyes. I love this man, I thought, He's my savior.

"Okay," I whispered, "I'm gonna do it now..."

"Go ahead..." Levi mumbled back.

I slowly licked the top as I heard Levi gasp a little. I peeled it down to see a beautiful pink head. I started to put it in my mouth. I sucked a little bit, and he twitched.

I looked up to see....he was blushing. He was biting one of his knuckles to keep from moaning.

"Levi..." I whispered, "let out your moans....please..." I then sucked hard on the top and he cried out.

"Ahhgh...!" Levi moaned, as he held his hands above his head, "Sh-shit...haah...."

I started to take him whole. I grabbed his waist and started to suck hard. Levi's knees were shaking. He then stuck his middle finger in his mouth.

He leaned forward towards my end and stuck it inside me. My legs almost gave out.

"Mmph!" I moaned as I sucked him more, his pre-cum dripping down the sides of my mouth, "mmph...haaa...mmm!"

"Haah....fuck," Levi moaned, "Harder....bite down on me if you have to....just..harder...!"

What? Bite down? Wouldn't that hurt like hell? I'm already sucking as hard as I can, and he wants more?

I decided to just roll with it and bite down a little. Levi gasped as he shoved another finger in me, thrusting in and out of my ass.

"Aghhh!" I yelped, taking it out of my mouth, "Shit...haah!"

"Bite me," Levi begged, "Bite the tip..."

I went back down between his legs and bit the pink tip be moaned as he stuck a third finger inside of me. My knees gave way. Levi then pushed me down on the bed, him over me.

"You ready...?" Levi asked, sticking g his wet fingers back inside of me, stretching my insides.

"Yes...." I moaned, "J-just be gentle..." I spread my legs wide open as he held onto my waist.

"It will only hurt for a sec..." Levi whispered into my ear.

I felt something touch my opening. I knew that this was gonna feel weird as hell. He shoved the tip inside of me slowly, and I cried.

"Ha- ahh...!"

"Almost...there..." Levi said, going deeper inside of me. I held my breath.

"Haa-...ah..!" Levi thruster the rest of him until his stomach hit my member.

"Mmm..." Levi moaned, "Eren....I'm moving...."

He then started to pull out of me and I had to grip the sheets above my head. It hurt so bad, but I didn't want it to stop.

He started thrusting in and out of me, and I was completely intoxicated with pain and pleasure.

"Ah fuck! Haah!"


Levi leaned over me, his hands on my shoulders, thrusting into me. He had his eyes closed. Our bodies started to pour sweat.

"Don't....tighten up...." Levi groaned.

"I'm sorry....I...haah!"

"Fuck it, come here..."

He lifted me up, me sitting on his dick, pulsing inside of me.


"Ride me."

I look at him, and I did what I was told. I started thrusting it inside me, moving my hips. The bed creaked loud of how hard I was pounding myself on him.

The tip hit my sweet spot and I made sure I hit it over and over again.


"Haah....b-breathe Eren...."

Just then, I felt his hand on my dick and he jerked me off, following the rhythm of my thrusts.

"No...Levi...if you do that, I'll....ahh...!"

His member grew inside of me and I tightened up on purpose. I thrusted harder and harder.

"Fuck.....haah....Eren, I'm...." Levi gasped.

He sat up and grabbed my waist as he thrusted deep inside of me.

"Aghhhh! Levi, I'm gonna...!"

"Me too....." He starts to jerk me off hard and thrusts into me as I wrap my arms around his neck

"Ah-ahahhhghhhh!" I then came on his chest


Levi slowly stopped thrusting and I felt warm fluids filling me. I go limp and I let my head lay on his shoulder.

"Haah...hah...." I breathed heavily. He slowly took it out of me and I felt the liquids run down my legs.

He laid me down on his chest on the bed, breathing hard. I cuddled up next to him as I closed my eyes. He wrapped his arms around me, stroking my hair as he laid his cheek on my head.

".....brat..." He whispered.


"....I've fallen hard for you."

I looked up at him.

"You are mine and mine only, Eren," he whispered. He leaned forward to kiss me deeply. Our tongues did dances with each other as we kissed, the moonlight shining down on us.

I will never forget this night with him. Ever.

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