a deep hole dwelling TW VENT
a deep hole dwelling TW VENT poetry stories

404_erorr_user_ wishing i was somewhere else rn
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sorry ive been inactive this post is based on a mental breakdown i had not too long ago enjoy

a deep hole dwelling TW VENT

i reach out to the sky

to the sun

from my cold dark hole dwelling

how it sucks me in

holding me hostage

and for a moment

i forget


who you are where i am

even know I've been with you since birth

i forget your face

i forget what you mean to me

i forget i am human

and my body forgets how to function

i try to move but its distorted and odd like some creature who has only seen the shadows of a human moving

not human its self

i twist and i contort

i try to trow up but there is nothing in my stomach

i try to feel but i have no heart

only the black hole

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