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By Ali Shabbiri (Sorry if it's too short I'm new here) 1850


By Ali Shabbiri (Sorry if it's too short I'm new here)


The man shuffled through the thick leaves and bushes, every step he took made a sickening crunch that swelled his entire boot into mud,

the trees swung themselves from one point to another while the birds sung sweet songs juxtaposed with the terrifying forest.

There was a thick must in this particular wood, squirrels chipped and insects crawled, some water could be heard near around the west of the wood. The rest of it was pure leaves.

He coughed subtly with his gloved hand raised around his mouth, not before darting his eyes towards the stray dear that was across woodland grass,

he raised the flintlock pistol and held his lungs

Breath in

Breath out

Breath in

Breath out

Breath i-


He spun around and fired the pistol directly at where the sound originated from.

There was a loud female groan as the young lady stared at the wound and back at the man, his mouth dropped.

The deer was long gone

She wasn't even able to say anything, she coughed up a large amount of blood and cried her last tear before dropping to the ground

The mans eyes were bulging out of his socket, before they retreated back into a frown

He sighed, moved forward, whistled for his horse, grabbed a shovel and began dragging the body

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