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"I would like-"

"-An ice chocolate drink, with extra whipped cream, two pumps of chocolate, 6 fat marshmellows, and a lot of chocolate powder," Adam smirked, typing down the order in his iPad mini. He put his face nearer to mine, his breath fanning across my hot cheeks.

"Did I get that right?"

Peeking From My Coffee

Cheerfully, I strolled to the coffee shop down the street near the bakery that always seemed flooded with customers. Looking down at my phone, I sighed in relief as I realized it was still around 4pm. 'He should be still there,' I thought to myself, a little smiling peeking from the lavender shawl that was bundled around my face.

New York was showered with light snow, so the streets were finally cleared, although it did looked pretty with the canopy of snow over the stoned streets. Christmas was nearly over; which was too bad, because it was my favourite time of the year. As I looked around me, I could see some people taking down the Christmas wreaths and

some leaving it there along with the fairy lights. I was still in university: my books were hidden in my satchel and I just wanted to have some good ice chocolate drink to help me focus on my studies. Projects had momentarily distracted me from studying, so I wanted to take this Saturday to head down to a coffee shop to study.

Finally, I reached the outside of the coffee shop. The steel handle of the door was twisted stylishly, the window panes of the door painted with the cursive words ' Caffeine Cafe'. My cheeks heated up. I knew what was waiting for me inside. Something so intriguing, so mysterious, and something hilarious. Or rather, someone.

END OF CHAPTER 1! Guys, I hope I'll update frequently. This is my first time using Commaful so it might get some time to get used to, since I usually use Wattpad. Since my parents forbid me to read Wattpad (cause I wasn't studying), I found refugee in this stylish website. Stay tuned to find out more!

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