I had a dream by 2kay
I had a dream 

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2kay English is not my first language...sorry
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I had a dream by 2kay

In this dream I was with my friends, four of them, I think.

We were casually strolling around an old and abandoned apartment building when out of nowhere we saw this ladylike shadow go through our peripherals and into the building.

We all agreed that we definitely saw something strange, and being the stupid teenagers we were, we decided to investigate.

Before we even got to the door of this massive building, I felt warm air behind my neck like someone was blowing onto it, I quickly turned around and saw one of my friends who was behind me,

gone. Somehow, it did not cross my mind that I should mention this very important detail to the other three. So, as we had planned, we went on.

As soon as we entered the old building's doors, something felt very strange.

First, it was the timely pulsation inside our ears, then it was all the screams we kept hearing from different corners of the bottom floor,

and finally it was the floatiness we all felt as if gravity was slowly being removed from where we stood.

Before we could even react to our surroundings, the lady like figure we had seen before approached us floating in the air.

She had black curly hair, void eyes that shone like the galaxy, her face was without imperfection and her lips were covered in blood.

She was dressed in a white tattered dress with black cross laces lining her front from her cleavage down to her waist.

On her feet she wore black tattered socks and her hands were covered in blood. She had fire burning holes all around the hem of her dress.

She approached us in a calm friendly manner but as soon as one of my friends uttered a word, she charged at him, grabbed him by the throat and bashed his head against the wall.

Seeing this, my two friends and I tried as hard as we could to flee her wrath. Attempting to do so, we lifted off the ground and now we were floating around uncontrollably.

My two remaining friends tried to use each other as stepping stones amidst the panic but accidentally pushed each other in her direction.

Seeing this, she grabbed one and threw him against the floor so harshly that the building shook. There was blood and dismembered body parts moving in all directions.

I tried my hardest to reach the entrance but I started floating hire and higher. It's seemed as the more she killed, the faster we floated upwards.

Luckily for me, I bumped into the ceiling of the floor we were still in. Using the broken light fixtures all around me, I pushed myself towars the door.

As soon as I got outside the doors, I felt more in control of the whole floating thing.

I remember going up as high as I could and seeing all my friends, my family, and everything I loved being destroyed by this mysterious yet clearly very murderous woman.

From then on, my vision went blank. I remember coming back to my senses a few hours later. I was in a state of distress.

I could not logically process what had happened to me, I could not feel my own limb, and my breath felt like it was being held back.

Even though I went through all this, I felt no sadness, no shame, no guilt. I knew I had let down everyone and everything alike to save my own self but...at what cost.

Nothing seemed to matter anymore. I. WAS. LOST. But suddenly, I felt something tug on my collar, I turned around to see what it was and there she was. The lady that had destroyed everything.

I stared straight into her void eyes. I could not tell what she was thinking but I wasn't too keen on sticking around to find out.

I remember flying as fast as possible away from her but she kept up. I remember flying through my memories, reliving everything and seeing her behind me.

I tried going into my childhood home which kept getting smaller and smaller the closer she came, this is the moment I finally felt something.

I don't remember if it was the feeling of lust, shame, guilt, sorrow, pain, misery, or love. It was like being drowned in a large pool but instead passing out and passing on, it was repetitive.

I couldn't breathe, and I couldn't die. I was in a loop which felt like it kept repeating itself over and over and over and over...I remember seeing the lady in the pool with me.

For the first time ever. I spoke out and cried out to her.

She came to me, and in a flash we were floating in a white void. I remember looking all around me and seeing no beginning or end. She came closer to me.

I once again looked deep into her eyes and this time, I did not see an empty void, I saw myself.

Who was she? Why didn't she kill me? Why did she do all this? What is going on? These questions kept repeating again and again in my head.

I finally asked, WHY? She looked at me and answered,"Because of you." She explained to me how she once saw me on the streets. She said that since that day, she never forgot about me.

She said that she spent the next few years of her life fighting brain cancer while still trying to find me. Then one morning, she...

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