a dog(?) creepy story for Halloween🎃
a dog(?) 

 creepy story for Halloween🎃 halloween stories
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29orgift god please let me into heaven!
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this is based on my memory when I was six year old and a weird thing attacked me and my little brother.

a dog(?) creepy story for Halloween🎃

When I was a six year old my mother want to her mother’s house because my mother’s brother from another city arrived in our city and it was night time 10:00 too

My mother was so excited that she could not wait for the day to come so she went to her mother’s house and my little brother also wanted to go but she didn't let us go with her.

She wanted us to sleep because of the time.

And so we didn't want to go to sleep so me and him had an idea of going to our grandmother’s house and so me and my little bro with a flashlight started to walk to our grandmother’s house.

Her house wasn't too far or too close.

After a few minutes of walking in the dark we were 10 feet away from her house on the right but when we were close, from the left side a big-hungry-gray dog(?) jumped in our side growling,

my little brother hides in the back of me closing his eyes.

I didn't know what to do so I just stood there shocked in fear, the dog(?) started to slowly get closer.

while me and my brother started to walk back word slowly as possible but the dog(?) was getting faster and faster.

My legs felt heavy and I just couldn't move anymore thinking that we were about to die but someone’s car light from a block away turned on flashing brightly

scaring the dog(?) away then driving away not noticing us.

After a few seconds of prodding what just happened I grabbed my brother's right hand with my left hand while in my right hand the flash light ran to our grandmother's house.

a few weeks later... After what happened I didn't ever see that dog(?) ever and the scary part was that no one believed me seeing it even my little brother who said he saw nothing while going there.

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