The Deadly Rainforest
The Deadly Rainforest wilderness stories

25luckynumber Amateur writer from little Costa Rica
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Death is coming from the sky

The Deadly Rainforest

The jaguar hid under the shrubs

waiting for the moment to attack.

His prey a macaque monkey

His prey a macaque monkey holding her infant on her hands

she was exiled from her tribe.

I aimed with my camera.

It was the perfect moment.

Brutal and raw define the wildlife

It was the perfect

environment, time, angle, and weather

and in the spotlight, they were waiting for the call

Suddenly everything became dark.

The sky grew gloom and the rainforest


All the animals became aware of their

All the animals became aware of their impending doom

Songbirds, chimps, owls, and deers

Songbirds, chimps, owls, and deers growls, screams, squeak, and even creaks

announced to everyone

Death is coming

My ears felt the thunder

and the sky ripping itself

an ocean coming from the sky, to wash all these lands

the first drops lift all the dirt

and in the air, it created a mist

all I could see was grey

I remembered the cave

I looked at the mother, who was barely holding

with her shoulders protecting her child,

somehow she understood

And began to follow me.

On our path, all the animals

were screaming and running

the birds were not able to fly,

and some trees were set on flames

I run, but the earth turned to mud

and some rocks my body hit

even the small trees were falling down.

Insects, rodents, and reptiles were drowning.

Finally, we got to the cave

and I saw something I will never forget

monkeys, tapirs, birds, rats, insects, boars

and even some snakes

they all were trembling in the cold

they all were trembling in the cold together and close

then the jaguar came

Holding her cub with all her strength

the cave protected us

for one day until the rain stopped

Then the sunset on the horizon appeared

The trees fell, but some endure

the landscape was changed

The air filled with death

all the animals came along

Some were looking for their old homes

This is the wildlife brutal and raw...

I questioned those words, while I went to my home

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