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Being mature is painful?


This is totally from my thought. Hope you all will enjoy!


When you're matured, you'll be able to understand the meaning of life more deeply.

Mature means when you know that no hero is gonna come and rescue you from your problems. You'll have to help yourself. You'll have to rescue yourself.

Mature means you've a heavy sad heart but yet you try to be happy and let others be happy and spread happiness around you.


Cause you already know that you alone don't have that heavy heart but everyone carrying that thing. As you know how painful it is, you try to help others, try to lessen their sufferings.

Maturity means when you don't give up on your life, no matter what happens. You fall down infinity times but get up from there and fight back more and more.

Maturity means when you do mistakes and when people point out your mistakes, you don't argue with them. Rather, you thank them and recify your mistakes.

Maturity means you help others to recify other's problems, but they don't listen to you. You don't impose them, rather, you smirk and leave them alone.

Maturity means when you know, you feel alone all the time and find for that special one. But you know everyone is doing the same thing. So why to bother? Let that person come on his time.

Let me enjoy my single life till then.

Maturity means when you know you are just yours. You only will love yourself selflessly and none.

Maturity means getting know that you've got a painful life. But not to cry on that, but try to make your life happy and enjoyed.

Remember, no one gonna help you if you don't help yourself.

Maturity means breaking up in love life but not to cry on that, but thinking there might be a better person than the before. And letting that person go easily.

Maturity means when you understand all people are right in their own perspective.

Maturity means when you learn to respect every kind of people. You don't discriminate between them. You try to lean more about life from them.

Maturity means carrying a painful life but spreading happiness to others and knowing that maturity is nothing but a word.

Love y'all. Don't cry and keep smiling. Be happy. Let me know what you think about this 'maturity'. Give me a thumbs up deary if you like it.

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