Erudite Born AU Pt.1
Erudite Born AU Pt.1 insurgent stories

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Erudite Born Pt.1||Join Sabrina on her journey to Dauntless as she finds out who she is. And will there be romance with a certain Dauntless reader? Keep reading to find out!

Erudite Born AU Pt.1

(Part One)

Today is my choosing ceremony.

My aptitude test results were not a shock, at least not for me.

I had studied about Divergents for a long time, I never fit in, it just made sense.

My name is called, I walk up slowly. There are only two exceptional factions you may join when you are from Erudite.

You can either choose to stay in Erudite, or you can go to Dauntless. There is no in between.

The man, Jack Kang, hands me a clean knife to slit into my palm so that I may choose my faction.

Faction before blood. That is the saying. And they take that literally in Erudite and Dauntless.

I slit into my left palm.

Because I know that since I am right-handed, it will hurt if I do anything with my rightie if I were to cut into it.

I hesitate for a moment, and I make a decision I automatically know I will regret.

I am Dauntless.

I am not brave.

I am not free.

Follow me and stay tuned for the next part!

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