Precious Gifts
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20turbo20Writer, Reader, Artist and Athlete
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This is something I wrote when I was 15. Be aware that these are thoughts and feelings that I was going through at the time as well as now. Enjoy!

Precious Gifts

By 20turbo20

What are you unworthy of?

The precious gifts people share with you?

When you tear that gift apart, rip it to shreds, they are left with nothing else to give.

To you or to someone else who is worthy of their vulnerability.

Their heart.

Those are the people you really should be apologizing to.

After all, you were the ones who ruined the one and only True King’s beloved daughter.

Her heart that collapsed in your hands but didn’t realize it until she couldn’t breathe.

Didn’t realize you had her heart in your hands the entire time.

That girl was suffocating because you couldn’t show the love, faithfulness, and trust that she gave and showed to you.

Even though she might die any second. Any minute. She still has that faith and love from the moment you met her.

She forgives the unfaithfulness you showed her.

She knows that you still need to feel the feeling of being full again. She knows that you are empty inside.

That is what keeps her going.

That it what is allowing her to hold on tight.

Allowing her to have a grip on this life that she is still able to live but by the breath of air that her Father is giving her.

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