One Giant Mess
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20turbo20Writer, Reader, Artist and Athlete
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One Giant Mess

by 20turbo20

It's hard, love is

You don't really understand it

You can't decipher it

You don't really know what authentic love is

How can you?

But when you really know it's there, it strikes a cord

Often times, we reject it

Run from it

Act like it isn't there

That's why, for most people, when they see love, raw love that is so real that it seems fake,

Their immediate reaction is to dismiss it

To say that it isn't real

That it was just a figment of their imagination

Because everyone dreams of love right?

Everyone dreams of having that happy ending

Even if they have done all those terrible, unforgivable sins

Everyone dreams of being in love with someone

Even the psychopaths

Even the maniacs

Even the people who pretend that they never wanted love to begin with

It's just harder on some people than others to admit that they strive for love

That they long for it

Everyone does no matter how much they try to ignore it

It's a part of being human

It's a part of who we are

For those of us who have had an excruciatingly painful past, it's harder for us to love or be loved

There are those of us who don't believe in love

Purely because we haven't seen a good example of it

All we see is the effects of a tainted relationship that doesn't even contain an ounce of love

That's why it's so hard to believe in something so foreign to this world

That's why it's so hard to receive the love that is honest and pure

Because receiving love isn't as easy as it seems

It's not as simple as grabbing a cookie from the cookie jar

Because receiving love is just as hard as going through life

That's why we need someone to give a good smacking on the back of our heads every once in a while

That's why we need someone to help us even when we don't want it

That's why we need someone to hold hands with through this one giant mess

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