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Cadmium, flax, tawny, mustard, daffodil, gold


by 20jmayne

Old photographs Attic. What is that smell? Adults attempting to methodize while surrounded by curious children. Wide eyes. 'Don't touch it' Generations connecting. 'She looks like you.'

Lemonade No set recipe. In aesthetic jars. Whirring juicer. Acidic and sugar. Summer.

Bees Summers with friends. Strange white suits. 'It's for a project.' Iconic quotes and peaceful sounds. 'Watch your feet.' Honey.

Sticky notes Scribbled messages. Salient reminders. Animation flip book. Accordion. Ideas. Secrets.

Bookmark 'Why do you fall out.' Book case. Scribbled recommendations. A poem. And an address. Smells so good.

My friends scarf Bright. Flower. Sun. Her. She's one of those who are literal rays of light. Optimism and consistency. Childish crushes. Still mature. Warmth.

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