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Paper scattered ragged confetti signs of anxiety carless doodles paint frantic notes put a match to the edges throw it in the fire ink and graphite marring the colorless all colors but none of them? light?

Mentos stocking stuffer fifth-grade science experiment a cascade of caramel from the bottle meant to be smooth against my tongue best replacement for gum make them last as long as possible

Sky conventional washington weather the eptomine of home i wish to dance within them the whipped creme slopes and snowy sheets and curling hands and i reach to them

Car incessant panic tinged with even more terrifying apathy from a classroom filled with new friends and bad jokes to this white knuckles on wheel foot fleeing to the brake at any sign

Pillows seeping lavender or soft detergent restless and heavy or weightless, forgotten honestly i just want to sleep

envelope grandparents or bank account there is always a childish thrill carefully opening and enthusiastically going over the words, recadgless of their significance. thanks gg

Dandelions kicking them as i stride confidently across the grass rubbing them in a friends face entranced as they drift away fairies so whimsical that one forgets they are really weeds

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