snow white

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20jmayne i rite only sometime though
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snow white


heavy i am sinking in a endless sea. my chest is pressed on by a brick loose disapparating clouds.

memories? they are like stars

i reach out my hand to touch them

and they slip right through like smoke

my heart beat is the tide echoing against rough sand

i sleep my mind glacial water

there is the faintest sweetness against my tongue underlaid with clear tones of bitterness

what happened? i am frozen cold ice

snow snow memories start to trickle back familiarity as i roll the word around in my mind

tasting it mixing it with the sickly sweet snow aware

her i remember her her pale impenetrable gaze so different from mine worn but untarnished unmistakably stunning

and then everything is broken water suddenly cascading shattered free

my eyes fly open they meet yours, mere inches away from mine oh oh it's you

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