Purple color stories

20jmayne i rite only sometime though
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Lavender, periwinkle, mauve, plum, violet, red blue, orchid....


20jmayne Nalia Abner

Clouds The line between anticipation and melancholy is apparently a thing. Chills. Moon is playing peekaboo with me. The scene is set. Drum roll please. Breath.

Bracelet Dirt permeates the tattered strings. A girl who lived next door. Riding the bus. Scribbling on playhouse walls. Acting as natives taken into slavery. Marshmallow creme mixed chocolate milk mix. Fray. You are gone? I want you back. Please.

Hair bands Old fashioned fidget toy. Stretched out from use. A trophy if I won't loose it within the week. It anyone asks to 'borrow' it, there is no way I could say no, but that wont stop me from resenting them. My weapon against my brother. Consistency.

Baby blanket Silky and smooth, My butterfly wings, I outshone them all. Living in sandboxes, on trampolines, and accustomed to rain. Traditional tuck ins, almost ritual. Ceramonial Huddled in front of the fire after baths.

Leggings Holey from misuse. I practically worshiped them. At one point they were soft and fuzzy, but that is past the extent of my memory. Passed down from my cousin to me to my younger sister. Dramatic story line. Much poetic.

Curtains I was a grecian goddess, created from self confidence and tulle... that changed. Brash attempts to vacuum them, met with hollers. me? not brash, even bold... Whining as the sun greeted me despite their presence... not much has changed after all.

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