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20jmayne i rite only sometime though
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coral salmon rose red/white flush fuchsia rouge


Cherry blossoms ten hour plane trip the sun, faint, but diligent warped reflections laid placidly on the water serene and perfect photographs marred by my face peering out of the branches togetherness

Wii consoles giggling at the fools dancing me quietly singing, while others belt the cheesy lyrics then the real competition starts elbows in ribs as attempts to turn the tides "did you just blue shell me?" over exaggerated movements seem to help

Christmas eve pajamas quiet music in the background ignored and suppressed but everyone's laughter race to unwrap race to bedrooms to change race back jitters over the day to come ecstasy

Detergent advertisements expressing things that couldn't be demonstrated otherwise nice, simplistic aesthetics soft clear "just change the station" "i still want to finish this show; deal with it" odd sort of emotional connection

flamingos san diego zoo went there almost weekly despite the consistency, always excitement grins at their careless flamboyance waving without expecting any response us two were the epitome of pure and innocent

Raspberries bushes always holding so much more than we could eat i once found an empty birds' nest in them pouring them into ice creme maker sticking sugar snap peas in the holes childhood

eraser vigorously shaking sheets of paper to get rid of debris indifferent borrowing rudimentary classroom provision effacing my relentlessly misspelled words soft rubber greyed from my many mistakes

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