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20jmayne i rite only sometime though
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Citrus, bittersweet, apricot, salmon, red-yellow, peach.


by 20jmayne

Sister's nail polish Sharp scent, impossible to describe. Flamboyance. She was an angel. Hair lighter than mine. Skin taner. Waist slimmer. You'd think she be bold, but there was nothing despised more than change. But that's what she got.

Snow boarding jacket I'm actually skiing. So sore. Sunburn, miraculous tan lines. My hands and toes have transformed into icicles. Lodge up ahead. One more bout. Slush trickling down my back. You!

Plastic cups Childhood memories. Well thanks. Mother said we'd get glass ones when people stopped breaking things. That wont happen as long as we have my dad. Water attacks, to sandcastle frames, to post workout sessions. Home.

Halloween I am an illusion. Parading about; Invincible. A princess, pirate, superstar Transitions to visual puns. Consistent giddiness. Never more of my self than I am now. Funny, isn't it.

Sunsets Oh how creative a poem about sunsets. Shall I compare thee... Walks on the beach. Running The wake chases us. Climbing rocks. Frustration, shoes utterly soaked. Worth it?

Wild-lands club Fifth grade and sort of friends. "Don't poke me" New paths. Pun making teacher. Fresh air. Worth missing recess for. We were the bane of enligh ivy. It still cowers before me. Degraded baseballs.

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