Green stories
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by 20jmayne Naliah Abner

My Popsicle Tartness. Sweet. Apple. Sweat Relief.

Trees in the wind. You can hear it. Rag doll, air a puppet master. Breath.

My old parakeet. Soft. A constant. Perched on my head. My shoulder. Bobbing in the mirror. Gone now. Long gone...

A science experiment. Shoots. what and rye. Seventh grade. Who was I then.

The frogs. Picnics with friends. Wading in lake in search for tadpoles. In plastic cups. Then an old fish tank. Then time. Now residing in mothers hydrangeas.

Papa's chocolate. Whenever we would go to visit. Andes. Mint. Sneaking it with cousins.

Grass. A book, A blanket. Summer. Tranquility. I miss that.

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