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hazel, chocolate-colored, coffee-colored, cocoa-colored, nut-brown; brunette; sepia, mahogany, umber, burnt sienna; beige, buff, tan, fawn, camel, café au lait, caramel, chestnut


Horse to grandparents house we go... cautiously walking up to him apple cores a peace offering pockets filled with grain running fingers through knotty mane hair everywhere family hands filthy

Day with my brother i don't know what started it a preconceived notion of buried treasure, wanting to build a clandestine underground fort but we were digging jeans plastered with dirt somewhere in the woods behind the house return inside and promptly frozen by my mothers shrieks

Ukulele picking out arpeggios going through the entire book in the span of four days humming the melody of songs while strumming chords running to the piano as soon as a note sounded off reppetion hunched over a computer looking for songs

Eyeshadow palette several colors cracked, sending minuscule cascades of powder when jostled hurried blending am i using it to hide from the world or from myself am i a conceited artist or a master of disguise

wooden easel lets say the artist stained with oil paint and covered with my tiny fiddlings, signs of my boredom exchanging exasperated looks with peers but smoothing them away when noticed by the instructor messy masterpieces talent? nothing more than following instructions

Hot cocoa tis the season adding splashes of dads' coffee creamer embellishing with whipped creme entranced and entertained by the marshmallows poofing up inside the microwave then running to get a washcloth

Garden main thing it grows is rocks pruning back raspberries transplanting worms hurriedly pulling out weeds, ignoring the roots, even though it means more world for the future grabbing small handfuls of seeds, the preceding to drop all of them

Softball mitt faded and broken in after years of use and rubber bands and shaving cream? okay larry dust beaten into it admittedly, i spent most of my time drawing in the same dust strike two running the bases

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