Top 5 Startup Advice Tweets of 2015
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Some great startup advice from Sam Altman, Hunter Walk, Dave McClure, and Paul Graham

Top 5 Startup Advice Tweets of 2015

productivity tips: work hard on stuff that matters.

don't work on stuff that doesn't matter. (most people screw up the second part.)

"I wouldn't start my next company without.....

first five hires in the pipeline" - 2nd time founder to me today re his lessons from last startup

never underestimate a motivated & capable person/small team

vs. some big, rich disorganized, clueless company that doesn't give a fuck.

There are many counterintuitive things about startups.

Focusing on users will save you from having to learn most of them.

The best way to increase a startup's growth rate

is to make the product so good people recommend it to their friends.

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Think you guys might find this interesting as startup founders @lelper @geeky_yang @jaswinderbrar @kina @m23mclaughlin @david @nobel @lawrence @brian @anthony @nthnlee @joshjavaheri