11 Tweeters in Tech You Need to Follow
11 Tweeters in Tech You Need to Follow stories

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Niv Dror (Nivo0o0): "My number one rule for Twitter is: avoid being negative."

Kiki Schirr (KikiSchirr): "Embarrassment won’t kill you. The next time you’re forcing yourself to do something, just think, would Richard Branson do this? No doubt. Hell, he’d do it in a skirt and your Gran’s red lipstick."

Tiffany Zhong (tzhongg): "Keep your eyes on the prize. 👀🏆"

Felix Krause (KrauseFx): "Get things done."

Jeff Needles (jsneedles): "If you don’t love something, you’re not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much." - Steve Jobs

Blake Robbins (blakeeir): Twitter – to me – is all about creating value. Over the past 5 years, I have met over 50 people (in real life) from Twitter, gained several mentors, and received four internships via "cold-tweets."

Andrew Trabulsi (andrewtrabulsi): You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there. - Yogi Berra

Michelle Tandler (michelletandler): "I tweet therefore I am."

Josh Puckett (joshpuckett): "Try to make the world a little bit better today than it was yesterday."

Spencer Schoeben (netspencer): “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." — Henry David Thoreau

Kumar Thangudu (datarade): Perpetual Exponential Growth doesn't happen in the physical world. Technology's advancement occurs on s-curve. Batteries are a great example. NiMH --> NiCad ---> Our last lithium frontier.

11 Tweeters in Tech You Need to Follow

Some of the top up and coming Tech Tweeters of 2015

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Niv Dror https://twitter.com/Nivo0o0

I tweet about Startups, VC, and MUFC. I like all your tweets from the bottom of my heart. Currently at Product Hunt.

Kiki Schirr https://twitter.com/KikiSchirr

CMO of Fittr, painter, writer of things like the Product Hunt Manual and horror short stories. Wears many hats. Once sang for the King of Thailand

Tiffany Zhong https://twitter.com/tzhongg

VC at Binary Capital, photographer, DJ. ex-Product Hunt. used to play tennis & chess competitively but now I'm retired.

Felix Krause https://twitter.com/KrauseFx

Felix Krause developed fastlane, an open source tool for iOS and Android app developers. It allows developers to automate their complete submission process.

Jeff Needles https://twitter.com/jsneedles

Making things at Meerkat and all over the internet. I like data and talking to strangers.

Blake Robbins https://twitter.com/blakeir

Despite being only 22, I’ve had the honor of working at some amazing companies, such as: SpaceX, Nest, and Ludlow Ventures. Last July, I joined Google full-time as an Associate Account Strategist

Andrew Trabulsi https://twitter.com/andrewtrabulsi

Andrew is a strategy consultant and author, focused on political risks posed by non-state actors and the impacts of emerging technologies. He released his first book, Warlords, Inc. in May 2015.

Michelle Tandler https://twitter.com/michelletandler

Recently joined Trinity Ventures as an Associate after graduating from Harvard Business School this past summer. Previously worked at Yammer and McKinsey.

Josh Puckett https://twitter.com/joshpuckett

Josh enjoys cooking great meals to enjoy alongside wonderful wine with people he loves. Less importantly, he's also a designer who's led and managed teams at a few great companies.

Spencer Schoeben https://twitter.com/netspencer

Spencer recently took a leap of faith & dropped out of Tufts where he was studying Computer Science. He's an avid traveler, wine lover, & hopeful-artist on a mission to build products & companies

Kumar Thangudu https://twitter.com/datarade

I'm a drummer, engineer, and love building things. Son of an illegal immigrant.

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