Y/N in Naruto (7)
Y/N in Naruto (7)  y/n in naruto stories
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Y/N in Naruto (7)

lol the description was tryna spoil 'nd i said nope and it deleted the thing i made to understand so i said then be it. ok go now.

ALr , so this finna star' off when gaara was transformed and you know,Sasuke:"What's that noise?"

You jump out the tree.

"I'm finally here...!" You're exhausted....So yeah....😃

naruto "Y/N!!"

"Naruto, take sasuke and run. I'll deal with him."

"Got it."

I'm too lazy to make a fight sooo...

Ok but like you then arrive kakashi and guy sensei everyone is surprised because you left for 2 months.

this is what you do lol <--- why dat mofo look like a flamingo XD

Ok but like im seriously running on ice with ideas, and you can guess what part im on. It's hard to write stories for so long XP im exhausted sorry it take forever but like i am slowly forgetting about this until....

JK XD but i am exhausted BYEE!!

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