Life’s Transitions
Life’s Transitions life stories

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Life is full of transitions. Everyone’s transitions and experiences will look differently. But everyone has transitions.
It’s up to you determine how you receive, embrace, adjust to, and deal with the changes that accompany each transition. The only thing that is promised on this earth is the transition from life to death.

Life’s Transitions

There are many transitions in life that one will experience.

Transition from grade school, to middle school, to high school, to college.

From teenager to adult.

Childless to parenthood.

Parenthood to empty-nester.

Single to married, married to widowed, married to divorce....and for some these transitional relationship cycles may even repeat itself.

There are transitions from employment to retirement. Employment to unemployment.

Economic empowerment and financial stability to financial difficulty.

Good health to bad health.

Wholeness to brokenness. Love to hate.

No matter the transition, change and challenges make you resilient. Our life's milestones take us from one point to another.

Each transitional step makes you stronger and wiser. Our experiences (good, bad, and traumatic) provide perspectives; which lead to personal growth.

Transitions allow you to clear out things and welcome the new. Transitions become an opportunity to give new meaning to your life and rewrite your story.

It is intentional refocus that brings about happiness even during chaos.

Life is full of transitions and milestones; don't let change cripple you....embrace it.

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