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You always have options

Humble Pie

If you have ever been to jail or to prison you know what a humbling experience it is.

If you have ever been homeless, then you've also had to humble yourself.

Even having to apply for public assistance, go to a food bank or accept a job below your qualifications, is HUMBLING.

All of these, and I am sure there are other circumstances, can force you into humility.

I know first hand the feelings that come from incarceration and having another human who often younger and has less life experience than you suddenly has been entrusted to be your keeper.

Having to wait for a scheduled shower, strip naked on command and eat on someone else’s schedule. When the task of getting a roll of toilet paper has a ‘system’ attached to it.

I have had to sleep in a park or an abandoned building or if I was lucky I got to share a bed in a seedy hotel room with whoever happens to be footing the bill.

It’s not easy and it’s frequently no fun. But, you get through it. The deciding factor is often times your attitude.

You always have options, even if those options are few, you CAN make a choice.

Be an angry, hateful person who continues to fight the system and make your situation so much harder while making EVERYONE around you miserable.

Which at one point, I DID. It got me nowhere except for Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

When I was homeless, I fought with local law enforcement because they didn’t want me and my buddies sleeping at the bus stop or in the park.

I fought with store owners about their not allowing me to use their restrooms to clean myself up, or use their outlets to charge my phone.

I had to humble myself to finally ask for help to go to the shelter and start over at the ground floor in my life.

Stepping away from our ego is most often the hardest lesson to learn.

But in most cases until you approach things with a sense of humility you’ll never get it right. Humble Pie is best consumed willingly and not forced upon you.

I have found in my life that humility and willingness can be THE BRIDGE that carries us over troubled water, and into the Promised Land.

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