DUH!! I don't get it...
DUH!! I don't get it... stories

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There is no cure for stupid!

DUH!! I don't get it...

There is no cure for stupid. If you lack in knowledge you can learn.

If you find you are not adept at a certain thing or in a certain area there are plenty of things you can do to raise your awareness and/or aptitude.

If you are stupid..... There is no cure. When you are truly stupid, you are really at a disadvantage due to the fact that you are probably too dumb to realize how dumb you really are.

This can lead to real problems for the people who through no fault of their own are forced to deal with these people who live with the mistaken belief that they are reasonably intelligent!

Now, I know it is not the Christian thing to do, to speak ill of someone or their unethical behavior when they are not present and can not defend his or her side of the story.

So…..rather than mention names or point fingers at particular individuals I have chosen to speak in a broader sense about an entire genus class of human known ot all of us.

This class, remains nameless (but still irritating) until now.

Thanks to yours truly, anthropologists will forever refer to the class of homo-sapiens known as the (B)latus (I)gnoramus (T) rogluditus (C) olorectal (H)umanas, The BITCH for short.

Dumb bitch, if you will.

These beings are characterized by their oversized mallow-facial orifice (Mouth)

which is attached to a smaller than average brain stem and is usually guiding the movements of an abnormally large fault finding finger. Which they can’t seem to keep from pointing at everyone but themselves.

These creatures are indigenous to every corner of the continent and can easily be spotted in their natural habitat, anywhere that they can cause the most disruption and imitation.

You can find them lurking at the grocery store.

Moaning and groaning and carrying on about the stupidity and poor planning of the store management and how “they” should open up more check stands so that conscientious customers

Like themselves do not have to slow down their busy schedule to wait in line.

All the while attempting to purchase the seventy- four items in the basket they are pushing at a register dearly marked fifteen items or less.

They then cause a scene by yelling at the timid cashier about the cash only sign because all they carry is plastic.

You will also find these (BITCH) type people speeding recklessly through school zones,

construction areas and attempting to pass all the slow moving cars in funeral processions all the while spewing obscenities directed at everyone else and their lack of driving ability.

No matter where you look, you will no doubt find one of them sharing a plethora of information about subjects they know nothing about.

Repeating gossip about other people that has no basis in fact and they deny profusely having ever said what they said, even though you personally heard them say it,

speaking against the state of the union when the only state they have ever successfully maneuvered in is the State of Confusion!!

They are everywhere. If you look around yourself and find it difficult to immediately identify the (BITCHES) among the group of people you find yourself in, there are two possibilities.

Either you are fortunate enough to be in a place where the bar has been placed real high and you have risen above the national norm.

Or…. It's time to find a good mirror! (I’m Just Saying

Annamarie Harris-Romero

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