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Thank you for taking time to read! Warning - the feeeellllssssss lol

New beginning

Aside from my very first two posts, it’s time for some contrast!

A short, unfinished, but sweet and tender read for the feels. least What I imagined when I listened to this...and what I imagine I'd feel.

Put this Song on while you read (and on repeat!)

You slowly open your eyes, it's blurry and dark. As you open wider, soft, flickering lights slowly fills your vision and things come into focus. You slowly sit up and look around you.

The ceiling to floor windows in your condo catch the rain as they pitter patter across their panes, glittering from top to bottom in mini cascades of liquid dances.

They capture the reflections from the city lights, casting their shadows on the bed. You look at your bedside clock; 3:04am. You rub your face and feel yourself unable to sleep.

Then you look beside you, and you see her, sleeping soundly. Your eyes trace the graceful lines of her slender figure, covered in white linen.

Her back is to you and her dark hair, splayed over her pillow like watercolors, frame her face. You slowly shuffle yourself closer to her under the blankets.

Your hand reaches to caress her waist and feel her softness. She sighs and slowly turns over towards you. Her, in all her nakedness, you feel her warmth as she intertwines herself with you.

You feel her warm and gentle breath on your chest, as your hand slips under her neck to lift, and kiss the top of her forehead, as your other hand brushes her hair from her face.

You take a deep breath and feel yourself completely relax. You feel her heartbeat, slow and steady against you, and you feel so at peace. She tilts her head up, then opens her eyes.

Your breath is taken away, as you admire her hair, her face, those big eyes and defined lips...her facial silluouete illuminated by the night city lights.

She takes a deep breath while she slowly closes her eyes, and a soft, slow smile spreads across her face.

She takes her hands and caresses your face, in doing so you take one of her hands and kiss it tenderly. She brings you in close and kisses you.

You feel her gentleness, her tenderness, and her adoration. Your eyes are closed as you breathe her in, taking in her intoxicating scent of cherry blossoms and jasmine.

As she pulls away to look at you once more, she smiles, flashing her pearly whites. You're smitten, and you pull her in right against you, her face nuzzled in against your neck.

Her arms embrace you as her lips gently trace along your jawline, dotting a trail of sweet nothings on your chin, neck, collarbone, around and behind your ear.

You feel yourself getting aroused, and you pull yourself up to sit up, along with her and sit her on top of you. The covers slowly slide down and she's fully exposed.

She then cradles your face into her soft chest, and you hear her heart beat. So strong, steady, warm, and knowing that it belongs to you.

She takes your face and tilts it so you look up at her. You stare straight into her big brown eyes and they say everything.

You suddenly feel so much emotion fill your heart for this beautiful woman. You hug her close to you, pulling from the small of her back into you, holding her close as if there is no tomorrow.

Her forehead then touches yours as her hands, caressing your face, delicately stroking your cheeks with her thumbs.

Then softly, oh-so-softly, she whispers those sweet, irrisitable, and honey laced words to your lips your ears have been patiently waiting to hear.

You suddenly look up, and see the softest, most affectionate and amorous look in her face you've ever seen.

You feel yourself expressing the same as you feel the flood gates of your hearts' emotions pour out, saying those same words in the form passionate kisses, adding to this intimate, wordless conversation

The night was young, and it was one that they hoped would never end, as it was the start of a new beginning...

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