Her Abstract Lover Part 3 - Let's Talk About It

Her Abstract Lover Part 3 - Let's Talk About It  love stories

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A tale of two lovers, but this isn't your cliche love story; even though that's an extremely cliche line. You see, this is a polygamous relationship between a woman and her lover; her lover who is fully committed to her, and only her. While she undoubtedly adores, appreciates, and cares for her lover; this doesn't stop her from sometimes stepping out on her lover, or even inviting a third party into their relationship from time to time. The love they have is dangerous and detrimental, yet it simultaneously acts as a safe haven for the both of them. A love so toxic, but it acts as an antidote to every illness they may suffer from. It appears to withdraw so much, while selflessly giving all that it has. This love is uncertain and full of surprises, yet it may seem so familiar to you that it feels like home. The bond formed from this love is so powerful, dominant, and solid; this love has a mind, body, soul, and spirit; a love so supreme that it is personified, nearly its own being.

Her Abstract Lover Part 3 - Let's Talk About It


My relationship with Love has improved, and is continuing to do so, thankfully.

We're learning to communicate with each other more effectively.

We engage in regular discussions on what we expect from one another, what/who we agree and disagree on, what we can do to have a better relationship, etc.

We are gradually opening up to each other..

I am coming to understand Love more comprehensively now..

And I love it.

Everything makes so much more sense to me now that I'm getting to know Love better.

Love is just misunderstood.

And as insane as it may sound, I empathize with Love.

I now see that Love's entire plan of action is based solely on my initial action, and is intended for the benefit of me.

For every one of Love's actions, there is always a motive.

Love has taught me many valuable lessons in my lifetime, but a never ending lesson that Love teaches me is how to treat Love.

Love told me..

No, Love showed me the reason it has been so fickle in regards to its relationship with me.

Love wants to stop being introduced to insincere, unworthy people, through me.. .and I can't say I don't understand.

When I introduce Love to said insincere people, subconsciously, Love knows.

Love feels the energies, and sees the ill intentions in people that I sometimes don't notice at first. Love warns me.

See, my Love will do the most subtle things to bring forth anything I don't see, to surface.

All for the protection of not only me, but itself as well.

But, me taking all the valuable lessons of empathy, understanding, consideration, courtesy, along with many others that Love has taught me...

I decide to give the benefit of the doubt. To everyone.

Because Love does the same for me.

One thing that Love neglected to teach me was how extremely important it is to set limitations and boundaries... for everything and everyone.

Due to this extremely important lesson that I missed out on... anything that I did, I did it with nothing but Love in my heart and mind.

Anyone that I encountered, I faced them with nothing but Love in my actions and intentions. Even when I couldn't see Love in theirs..

And no matter how hard I tried..

I could not see Love in their actions.

It was so confusing.. Love never gave me a lesson on what I should do, and how I should move when I don't see a trace of Love in others...

So I took it upon myself to do what I thought would be best, based on the many great lessons I've taken from Love.

I decided to give Love to those people.

The empathic person that Love has taught me to be saw that those people really needed Love.

In my mind, I thought that this would be the best decision for me to make... I thought that giving Love to those people, for even just a moment, would persuade them to move with Love.

At least for me.

Well I thought wrong.

This is a lesson that I had to learn through personal experience and observation..

Love wants me to take the time to comprehensively get to know it, especially before introducing it to others..

Love needs me to know that, despite how good Love has been to me, everyone doesn't deserve Love -- not my Love.

Love wants me to know how much I should value it.

Love wants to feel protected by me.

And Love has every right to.

As a spectator to our relationship, I could easily see how one would think that Love is so egotistical, selfish, damaging, and should really learn to humble itself; which is understandable,

but just remember that Love is just as misunderstood as you and I.

You have to really know Love to understand that Love has just been too selfless, too caring, too humble, and extremely too underappreciated... for far too long.

To say that Love is tired would be nothing more than an offensive understatement.


Honestly, a huge part of me wishes that Love could just open its mouth and tell me all these things, so I could know how to treat it better.

I wish Love knew how much I can relate to it.

We are literally one and the same.

But, I understand that first I have to come to learn Love's language in order to truly understand Love.

I must admit, it's so much harder to comply than it is to understand.

Despite all the negative things I know about Love, Love is the greatest thing I have ever been subjected to; Love is the greatest thing I've ever known.

Who wouldn't want to introduce that to other people?

I feel that people need to know Love. People should be able to see all the great things that I see in Love.

I always want to be the person to initiate the ménage a trois between X, Love, and myself.

I want everyone I encounter to know that me and Love are one.

You cannot be in my presence without being in the presence of Love, it's literally impossible.

Although this may sound emotionally moving, beautiful, or poetic to most people; to Love, this is often detrimental.

And if it's detrimental to love, it's detrimental to me, because as I told you several times before..

I am Love.

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