The Way "She" Feels About "It"

The Way "She" Feels About "It"  love stories

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A tale of two lovers, but this isn't your cliche love story; even though that's an extremely cliche line. You see, this is a polygamous relationship between a woman and her lover; her lover who is fully committed to her, and only her. While she undoubtedly adores, appreciates, and cares for her lover; this doesn't stop her from sometimes stepping out on her lover, or even inviting a third party into their relationship from time to time. The love they have is dangerous and detrimental, yet it simultaneously acts as a safe haven for the both of them. A love so toxic, but it acts as an antidote to every illness they may suffer from. It appears to withdraw so much, while selflessly giving all that it has. This love is uncertain and full of surprises, yet it may seem so familiar to you that it feels like home. The bond formed from this love is so powerful, dominant, and solid; this love has a mind, body, soul, and spirit; a love so supreme that it is personified, nearly its own being.
- Cover Art by: Dejanai Edwards CEO of DJ Customs

The Way "She" Feels About "It"

For some strange reason, she used to yearn for It...

I mean... I used to yearn for Love.

No matter how many times it betrayed me, I yearned for it.

If I'm being completely honest with you, and myself, I still do..

I can't help myself..

No matter how extremely bad things can become and HAVE become in the past, Love is..

my everything..

I love Love.

I love to love.

I love to love Love.

Don't shame me for it, not yet, just hear me out..

Love has managed to completely open me up, unpack, and dismantle me -

every piece of me.

I have, in the past, been extremely close to giving up on people, and maybe even Love itself. I was at my lowest point..

Love is to blame for that, (with some credit due to my occasional poor decision making, something we all can relate to.)

But.. Love has also rebuilt me.. brick by brick, piece by piece, virtue by virtue.

Love has taught me an infinite amount of lessons, lessons that I am eternally grateful for and will hold near and dear to my heart for as long as I am able.

Love has proven and secured its significance and relevancy in my life, which is more than what I can say for most of the people I've met.

Love will always be in my life.

Love will never stop teaching me, evolving me, breaking and building me, humbling me, embracing me..

Love continuously pervades my entire being.

Love will forever live on vicariously through me.

Sometimes I despise Love, resent Love, I even shun Love.

But that's just me being unappreciative..

Because I actually exude Love, crave Love, speak Love, seek Love..

I embody Love..

I AM Love.

Love is my first language.

When I am without Love at any point, the feeling of loss is more than significant.

Crucial, devastating, heartbreaking -- these are understatements..

Without Love there is no Me.

Because, again, I AM Love.

When Love is not in my presence I notice at an instant, and I look for Love..

Every single time, no matter how many of my tears Love takes credit for, no matter how many times Love has made my chest cave in, and pierced my heart...

I always look for Love.


Judge me all you want, but as much as I have lost from Love, I have gained so much more from it.

I will continue to give Love all the worship and praise,

because Love never shames me for my mistakes;

Love empowers me when I feel completely drained of all things positive;

Love has never given up on me; I have faith that it never will.

And I'll never give up on Love.

Love allows me ample room to grow, while never leaving my front, back, or side.

I never feel alone as long as I have Love.

Love brings me experiences and obstacles that have instilled in me a certain character and virtue.

Love stimulates my desire to grow and prosper.

Love advocates for my personal evolution and elevation.

Love is my biggest motivator.

I am more than grateful, I am more than appreciative..

I am indebted to Love, I am BOUND to Love.

I am Love.

Make sure you read part 1, on my profile.

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