I don’t want anybody else.
I don’t want anybody else. stories

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I don’t want anybody else.

by 1lovegood

Girl, I know you think you’re rotten on the inside

but whenever I look at you, I see that heart of gold

so well hidden inside your walls, because you’ve been hurt too much.

More than you deserve. More than anyone deserve.

I know who you’re. You’re beautiful and smart , just trying to get by in a world that can be too cruel.

All I want is that you let me in. Put down your walls. I don’t like them but I like you

The real you

Your walls are cold. And you’re not cold.

I’ve seen that other side of you that you spend so long trying to hide away from everybody.

And I have to be honest, I like her a lot better.

I like you a lot better when you’re able to relax and just be yourself, girl.

Because to be really honest, I don’t want anybody else.

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