The Spiral
The Spiral  depression stories

17adithi Community member
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This is short piece of writing I have written when I was in a dark in a dark place.

The abstract is a visual representation of the poem

The Spiral

I sensed the spiral, it was small

And I was scared

It seemed to grow into huge clouds of black, darkest blue , grey, and a thin swirl of white in center gave me a tinge of hope but it started getting darker and darker

And I was terrified

Then she stepped in and I could only wish I had the power to stop her

I was screaming for help , screaming till my throat got parched

No one heard my cries for help because she silenced me

Bit by bit I started letting go of the life I loved

And she was pleased with me for that

Slowly by slowly I started losing my hope

And boy was she happy about that

The spiral was approaching me , I was borderline terrified but I couldn't scream

Because she had her hands around my neck

I was hurting to a point that I was numb

And it just made her more happy

The spiral was consuming me

And she was forcing me to give in to it

I hated the spiral

But she embraced it

Because I was the light

And she was the darkness

Little did I know

That she resided in me , she was me .

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