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Just to make this clear, every time Tendou says "woof", it's not pronounced like "wuf". The O's are pronounced like the O's in "Sangwoo"
(Best example I could come up with lmao)

"Woof" Tendou X Reader

Sorry about my tendou x reader being so late! PS I tried to make it G/N but it didn't really work out, sorry TwT Cat/dog people but tendou specifically is the dog person with floppy lil ears lol Also, if you're new, in all my X readers, instead of just Y/N I gave you a last name: Himino

Sorry for another page of this, but the 3 bullies' names are Muni, Kuniwa, and Furushima. (It'll make sense later)

"You see her? That's who I was talking about. That transfer student," said some guy to his friends nastily. "I dunno why they let 'er come here." Coming to a school with, like, no cat people sucked. They all make fun of you, or they're all 'disgusted' by your "stupid" cat ears and "long and weird and funny-looking" tail. You care too much. You don't let them see that you care though.

"Yeah, I know," agreed someone else. "And I heard she's been watching the volleyball team during practice- watching that read-head." "Yeah, Tendou," said the last guy. "I think." They shuddered at his name. "That guy's a nightmare." They were the same three guys that picked on you every day in between classes. They're total fatheads and cowards though.

You stared through the window in the gym doors and watched a practice match with some other school - probably another college team. Of course, they got crushed, but got closer than most teams: 19-25 and 21-25. You were watching Tendou and Ushijima cleaning up when a sudden voice behind you made you jump. "Well well well."

"Ugh. Hey, Muni," you said coolly as you turned around to face him and his small group. "Yeah yeah, hey or whatever. I guess the rumor was true." You laid your ears back and narrowed your eyes. "What rumor?" You questioned icily through gritted teeth. "She 𝘩𝘒𝘴 been watching Tendou play after school," Muni sneered, ignoring you. The others' began to cackle.

"Yes, yes," you said with an eye roll. "I've been spying on that floppy-eared Tendou because I loooooove him and want him to be my boooyfriend." Boyfriend. That brought up an interesting idea. "Can we get on with this, please? I actually have to get home today and waiting around for you to make fun of me isn't part of my schedule." They laughed again, which was rather annoying.

If you tried to walk away, they'd pick a fight and you'd punch them in the face and they'd have black eyes and bloody noses. They'd not go to school the next few days, and the first thing they'd do would be having you expelled. Instead, you turned around and looked through the window again at Tendou. He'd picked up all the volleyballs already.

Your ears twitched constantly at the group bickering behind you, but you angled them towards the door. You were able to make out some words: "No, Wakatoshi-kun, I didn't..." "But during the game, you'd said..." "That's because number 5 said..." "I guess you're right. Oh, It's getting late. We..." "Yeah. See you tomorrow!"

"Hey!" Kuniwa grabbed your tail roughly and you spun around, hissing. (??) You grabbed his wrist and squeezed hard. "Hrrk- ouch! Stoooop!" he wailed. "Hey!" Muni yelled, being unnecessarily loud. "Stop!" cried the other one- his name was Furushima. He was the smart one. Then silence fell over them all.

Their eyes widened in fear as a tall shape loomed over them. You snatched your tail back and flattened the fur when you saw the figure towering over you. Tendou had his hand on the wall over your head and was leaning forward slightly. "Hey, baby," he said, giving you a "play along" expression. "Oh! Hey, babe," you answered confidently.

Were you blushing? Probably. You couldn't tell. "How was practice?" "Good, good," he replied, looking up, as if thinking. "Beat a college team, though they got closer to 25 points than I would've liked. Anyway! Whatcha doin'?" He turned to Muni and his group. "Not messing with my..." he turned to you. "Himino," you whispered.

"Not messing with my Himino, I hope?" he leaned closer to Muni, not in a really friendly way. "HMMMM?" "N-n-no," Muri stammered. "No way," braved Furushima, flinching immediately. "I-i-in fact, SHE was messing with US." "Yep, that's my brave little Himino," he confirmed, looking pleased and slightly embarrased. "Now, shouldn't you be somewhere?"

And just like that, they fled. "Woof," Tendou said slyly behind them as they ran. Turning to you, he smiled. It was an... odd smile. A smile that made you think of a quicksand pit full of scorpions. "Thanks, Tendou," you said with a relieved sigh. His voice was uncharacteristically gentle when he said, "Don't worry about it, Himino-chan." In a quiet voice, he added: "I know."

"You know?" you echoed. "I know how it feels. To have done to you what they did." His face darkened and became unreadable. Grabbing his hand gently, you got his attention back. Looking surprised, he responded to your action with a simple "hm?" "I know you know how it feels. Catfolk are rare, but still far more common that dog people."

He avoided your eyes as you lifted your hand and touched his ears. They were undeniably softer than the rest of his hair. You smiled. His tail started swinging back and forth gently, and as you kept scratching, it wagged faster. (wtf am i writing) 'His ears are really cute,' you thought. 'well, all of him is, but-' "H-Huh?" He looked as if you'd sprouted 8 heads.

"Oh. I said that out loud, didn't I," you said, though not really in a questioning way. Tendou looked too shaken to form any actual words yet. Instead he nodded vigorously, still looking at you with the same expression. "Oops." "S-SO, UM, IT'S GETTING KINDA LAAAATE AND I SHOULD PROBABLY GO-" "TENDOU, calm DOWN," you almost yelled.

You caught his hands again and looked at him. "Wow. You're happy," you said, looking at his tail, which looked like it was having a stroke. "I'll, um, see you tomorrow," Nervously, you added, "Satori." Tendou looked like he'd been outside in 100 degree heat. He was sweating a lot. "Y-yeah. See you tomorrow, Himino," he said. As he walked away, you watched.

The next day, you walked from period to period with a sweet innocent smile. Muni came for you with some new people. You stood outside the gym, waiting. "Hello," you said innocently to Muni. "And hello to all of you new guys." "Save it," Muni growled (?) at you. "Guys, come on." He held up two fingers and everyone but him stormed up to you. "Stop," you said commandingly.

The boys all hesitated. "Before you do anything, you'd probably like to know that my boyfriend is really scaaary," you informed them in a cute voice. "I don't buy it," said one kid to your left. "Well, that's on you, idiot," you shrugged. You jerked your head back and Tendou appeared from the gym. He laughed, or, giggled, kind of, and all he said was "Woof."

He picked up the nearest kid and straight up threw him. He landed a few feet away with a thump and he lay there, groaning. "Welp, I'm out," said one kid breaking the silence, who ditched. They all followed suit, and Muni cast one last furious glance at you before leaving. "Your boyfriend, huh?" Tendou said with a smug face. "Yep," you answered.

He frowned. "You weren't supposed to say-" You interrupted him with your mouth on his. You released him soon. "...that," he finished. "Love you too, Satori." You noticing his tail wagging like crazy. "I - I, uh-" He gave up on whatever words he was trying to say, and instead decided on saying "Woof."

The CRINGE The high levels of CRINGEEE Do you prefer me writing X Readers in 1st or 2nd POV?

Anyways, that's all for now, my Bendy Straws. Have a nice day!!!!

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